The sector’s status, the CFPA, and PERTE, topics of discussion during the April Top Management Meeting


The sector?s status, the CFPA, and PERTE, topics of discussion during the April Top Management Meeting

At the latest meeting of the Top Management Meeting, the figures of the sector were again discussed. Once more, Spain has grown in vehicle sales during the month of February by 6.6%, becoming the only one of the 4 major European markets to do so:

· Spain: +6.6%.
· Germany: +3.2%
· France: -13%.
· Italy: -22%

Despite this data, the drop in sales between February 2019 and February 2022 is 38% in Spain. Furthermore, the European market, with just over 719,000 units sold during February, is the lowest figure since records have been kept.

After commenting on the OEM stops in Spain and reminding the companies about the WhatsApp group where this information is shared, it was time to talk about PERTE, the EGF, and Martorell?s CFPA. The companies asked for information about all three, especially about the EGF and the CFPA, to know more details. The manager of CIAC, Josep Nadal, provided the information and reminded the companies that the Cluster has at their disposal the Aid Observatory where all the information on assistance for the sector is available.

Moreover, the results of a survey on the extent to which the impact on customers has been increased were presented:

? Over half of the responses (53%) said between 0 and 5%.
? 26% have managed to increase between 50 and 70%.
? 11% of the companies have achieved between 30 and 50%.
? 5% between 15 and 20%.
? And another 5% between 20 and 30%.

The meeting also highlighted the accomplishment of collecting over 23,000 euros for solidarity, an initiative coordinated among all the clusters in Spain destined for the refugees from Ukraine. Finally, it was announced that there will be a new edition of the Forum of Excellence 4.0, a common project between automotive clusters that has been very positively valued after the 8 seminars hold on the first edition.