Presentation of the aid program for the automotive sector


In this on-line session you will discover the two new lines of aid for the automotive industry, launched by the Department of Business and Knowledge, through the Directorate General of Industry and ACCIÓ.

Beyond the crisis of the covid-19, the mobility and automotive sector is in a situation of change and has to face great challenges such as the vehicle connected to its environment. That is why immediate action is needed to support the agents that make up the automotive supply chain in Catalonia, to help address the restrictions caused by the covid-19 pandemic and the challenges arising from the flood of new technologies.

This initiative includes direct subsidies that more than 200 companies in the automotive industry in Catalonia will receive to make high-impact investments and develop technological and business transformation plans.

The program of incentives for the conversion of the automotive sector includes two lines of aid:

High impact investments

Grants for high-impact business investments for companies in the automotive industry value chain.

The aid intensity will be 10% of the eligible expenditure, with a maximum of one million euros per project. The projects will have to be carried out until December 2022 and the investments may be subsidized:

  • Maintain the productive activity and direct employment of the company in Catalonia,
  • Implement improvements in the production process,
  • Increase productive capacity and direct employment,
  • Attract new business activities in Catalonia
  • Adapt and/or improve the current facilities in the case of projects of reindustrialization of productive plants that have announced the cessation of their activity.

Technological and business transformation plans

Grants to carry out strategic thinking processes and development of technological and business transformation plans for companies in the automotive industry value chain.

The amount of the subsidy will be a maximum of 15,000 euros per company to carry out expenses of external advice to explore new business opportunities in the mobility industry and develop the business plan to materialize it.

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