Huge uncertainty and too many questions beyond the industry


The Top Management Meeting (TMM) in June has served to make it clear that the automotive industry is experiencing a moment of generalized uncertainty because of different situations that have affected the sector for months or from which it awaits an answer:

  • Increase in prices of raw materials.
  • OEM's shutdowns.
  • Semiconductors’ crisis.
  • Resolution of European aid.

The data presented at the Top Management Meeting are worrying since in 2021, iron and copper have multiplied their price by 25% while other raw materials have done so overcoming 80%. This upward trend in market prices directly affects 10% of the cost of the current vehicle.

From the debates that happened during the TMM the industry wants to recover normality and does not want to fight on so many open fronts in the middle of a transformation towards the electric vehicle. Regarding to CIAC, it was updated the PERTE’s information that is currently available and should make possible the arrival of an important part of the European Reconstruction Funds. On the stops of the OEMs, it was decided to launch a two-way WhatsApp group to find out about the stops that the manufacturers are announcing.

It should also be noted that the launch of the new government was one of the topics discussed during the TMM, a moment when the CIAC took the opportunity to explain the contacts it has already made with the new officials to hold a meeting as soon as possible and replace all communication channels available for a good understanding between the public administration and the automotive industry.

The welcome to the meeting was led by the president of the Automotive Industry Cluster, Josep Maria Vall.