CIAC celebrates the first edition of the Automotive Talent Show with public success


The Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia (CIAC) held the first edition of the Automotive Talent Show at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with public success, as more than 350 young people came on Friday, November 19 to an event that seeks to become the meeting point between the talent of Catalonia and companies in the automotive sector.

The day began at 12:00 noon with the opening of the Paddock space with foodtrucks and the presence of different university motor teams. The Adecco room was also opened and at 12:30h hosted the institutional welcome with the president of CIAC, Josep Maria Vall, and the general director of Vocational Training and Special Regime Education, Àngel L. Miguel Rodríguez.

Vall was happy to "see young faces because it means that the sector still has a future". In the same vein, he stressed that "the automotive industry is in a process of transformation towards the use of new energies, such as the electric vehicle or the fuel cell or hydrogen. But there are energies that today are not even mentioned as part of the future of the sector. And since we are talking about the future, you should know that the cars of the future will be what young people decide with your contribution, creativity and new ideas.

Speech on the engine and elevator pitch in the morning
Next to the Adecco Room, the Automotive Room was set up, with the presence of different companies of the sector such as: Adecco, Ficosa, ARaymond, Between, Doga, ImanCorp Foundation, Zanini Auto Group, Aritex, Circontrol and Zoller.

A few minutes before 13:00 the first of the three round tables, "The motor world", began with the presence of Belén García (Formula 4 driver), Andy Soucek (racing driver), Miguel Nieto (chief crew at High Class Racing) and Deogracias Vidal (workshop manager at QEV Technologies). Toni Garcia, CIAC treasurer and president of Doga, was the moderator.

Before the lunch break, the students who reached the final phase of the CIAC Talent Awards were the protagonists with an elevator pitch to defend the solution they provided to one of the challenges posed by companies in the sector in the Talent Platform developed by the Cluster. After each presentation, the attendees voted the proposals presented with 3, 1 or 0 points. These votes represented 60% of the final score, the rest came from a jury made up of industry specialists and Lluís Rovira, director of CERCA.

The role of women in the industry, strategic areas and CIAC Talent Awards
At 16:00 the round tables were resumed, this time with 100% female protagonism with the debate "Women in the industry". The participants were Mireia Arroyo, institutional secretary of CIAC and head of Institutional Relations at Gestamp; María José Carracedo, regional director of Adecco; Àngels Mas, director of Human Resources at IDIADA; Mireia Bonilla, Head of Project Management and virtual assurance in Centre of Prototypes and Development at SEAT and Maria Teresa Casanovas, director of the Automotive Vocational Training Consortium.

This was followed by the last round table of the day, "Strategic Areas of the Automotive Industry", where the different heads of CIAC's Strategic Areas explained the projects and functions of each of them, such as Training and Talent, Sustainability, New Business and Mass, Product Innovation, Industrial Competitiveness and Supply Chain.

After the round table, the activity moved to the Pit Lane, where the President of CIAC, Josep Maria Vall, and the Secretary of Business and Competitiveness of the Generalitat, Albert Castellanos, presented the CIAC Talent Awards to the three winners of each category: Disruptive, Background Check, Eco-Friendly, New Business Opportunity and Technological Innovation.

Josep Maria Vall and Albert Castellanos were accompanied at the awards ceremony by María José Carracedo, territorial director of Adecco Andorra, Catalonia, Levante and Balearic Islands; Toni García, president of Doga; Maria Teresa Casanovas, director of the Automotive Vocational Training Consortium; Mireia Arroyo, institutional secretary of CIAC and head of Institutional Relations of Gestamp and Josep Lluís Santamaría, director of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. After the presentation of the CIAC Talent Awards, the party continued in the Pit Lane area, where music and food trucks took center stage.