Top Management Meeting highlights the need for a change in the relationship between manufacturers and suppliers


May's Top Management Meeting has served to make clearer the need for suppliers to change their current relationship with the different manufacturers. Cost increases are causing real imbalances in the accounts that TIERs can no longer maintain without passing on part of the costs to their customers.

The Spanish and European market is also in this crisis. During the first quarter of this year, the four main European markets have recorded double-digit sales declines, except for Germany:

Italy: -24.4%.
France: -17.3%.
Spain: -11.6%.
Germany: -4.6%.

One of the highlights of this first quarter of 2022 is that for every new vehicle sold, 2.7 second-hand vehicles are sold.

On a more positive note, the companies were informed that 4 projects presented to the AEI by CIAC members have received a total sum of 500,000 euros to develop. It has also been commented on the Remuneration Study that is being developed by Isprox, which will show data on salary and non-wage costs that represent the different professional profiles of the sector.

Finally, it has been presented the 5th edition of the Auto Míting, which will be held on June 22nd at the Mercat de Les Flors in Barcelona and will have Elsa Anka as a presenter and Victor Küppers as a speaker.