Doubts about VDA and a project for the implementation of e-CMR are the main topics of the Supply Chain meeting


The Supply Chain strategic area has held the second meeting of 2022 after the first one at the end of March. In this new occasion, some of the protocols applied by companies such as Seat were analyzed. In this case, Víctor Pérez, Inhouse operations manager, explained the company's supply chain control system to monitor, above all, the most typical deviations such as electrostatic discharge, the location of material out of place, unsafe and non-ergonomic work areas, as well as the maintenance and consumption of materials and the planning of repairs.

The attendees focused their questions on VDA to find out what solutions Seat applies and how it controls deviations, auditing and KPIs.

On the other hand, IT Consultors Estratègics also spoke about e-CMR, which they defined as "electronic delivery note". A protocol that is gaining more and more ground and it seems that in the near future it will be commonly used to document transport records. During the meeting, one demand was made clear which is that this protocol must be flexible to adapt to the different needs of the companies that make up the entire value chain of the automotive industry.

In this regard, a project proposal on the table by CIAC was discussed, a study to assess the efficient and effective implementation of e-CMR. Finally, it was advanced that two of the topics to be presented at the next supply chain meeting will be Roadmap 4.0 and digitalization mentoring.